Known for its archeology and handicrafts.

And for the high quality of its handmade products that are sold there, recognized internationally for its excellent work and beauty.

Just 35 minutes away from the Hotel Inti Ñan you get to the town of Chinchero, famous for its Inca ruins and its market.

The ruins of Chinchero bring together the amazing Inca buildings characteristics with the colonial style. Here you can walk through the terraces and walls of what was believed to be an important town during Inca times, especially during Tupac Yupanqui’s government. The church of Chinchero, built over Inca stones, reflects the way in which all the Inca traces were buried under colonialism.  It is now a piece of art and history in the middle of some Inca ruins.

Sundays are market days in Chinchero and the town welcomes few tourists who wish to get to see an authentic local market.

To get to Chinchero it is possible to go by car or in public transportation.

Contact us to help you arrange your visit.

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