It has an Inca part and a colonial part. Its main square is an entertaining place full of colorful and with various handmade items for sale. This town is known for its astronomical observatory.

Just 45 minutes away from Inti Ñan Hotel you arrive to Pisac, famous for its ruins and its market. 

Pisac is located at one end of the Sacred Valley, between enormous mountains that fill the place with a magical energy and with breathtaking landscapes. Some of the most impressive Inca ruins are hidden between these mountains. Here you will be able to see the grandeur of the Inca terraces, built over the hills of the mountains, and the ruins of what was one of the most important cities during Inca times. The place offers unique views of the Sacred Valley.

Pisac receives a lot of visitors who feel attracted by its famous market, its streets and the quietness of the place.

To get to Pisac it is possible to go by car or in public transportation.

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